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Kisteleki Cheese Plant nowadays
The beginning

The history of Kisteleki Cheese dates back to more than 45 years, when the production began, the plant formed an integral part of the Csongrád County Dairy Industry Corporation. As a result of the privatization process, in 1994 the plant got into private ownership, and took up its present name, Kisteleki M+M Sajtgyártó Kft.

The first generation: József Magyar, Cheese Master and his wife, Mária Schröttner.

The management of the plant was taken over by the Magyar family. At the present it is the third generation in the family that makes its living from cheese production and operates the plant as a stable, middle-sized company by adding innovations to the exisiting traditions.

Kisteleki Cheese Plant

The factory is entirely in Hungarian ownership, having nearly 70 employees who use exclusively Hungarian raw materials in its manufacturing processes. 

Kisteleki Cheese Plant

Currently there are three product categories that make up the Company’s profile: cream white cheese, processed cheese and sheep curd cheese. Our company is Hungary’s leading sheep milk processing plant.

Cooking Plant in Szentes

Our newest plant has been built up in Szentes in frame of a greenfield invetsment worth 8 m EUR.

Cooking Plant in Szentes

We have been manufacturing precooked and fully cooked chicken meat and cheese products here with most up to date equipments and machines since 2021 April.

Cooking Plant in Szentes
Cooking Plant in Szentes
Kisteleki tehenészet
Kisteleki Tehenészet
József Magyar, József Magyar Jr. and Dr. Erzsébet Magyarné Baranyi

Thanks to elaborated portfolio our products are available in major store chains as well as in smaller retailing units, the majority of our turnover being generated by domestic sales.


Our philosophy involves continuous improvement and full commitment to quality.

A few words about us

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