Quality and Food Safety Policy

Quality and Food Safety Policy

In order to ensure the long-term effectiveness of our company, the management of KISTELEKI M+M CHEESE MANUFACTURING LTD. considers operating and continously improving the food safety system according to the IFS Quality Management and Food Safety Standard of greatest importance in order to remain successful in the market with products manufactured by quality work while maintaining our market position. In accordance with this, KISTELEKI M+M CHEESE MANUFACTURING LTD. defines its quality policy as follows:

Our quality policy

Our procurement policy is determined by the the current market expectations as well as ensuring raw materials, auxiliary- and packaging materials that satisfy the expectations of the interested parties and also comply with the legal provisions. We strive for predictable and long-term cooperation with our suppliers, and we involve them accordingly in the implementation of our improvement ideas.

Our organization is committed to comply with legal provisions, product safety and hygiene requirements, and to the traceability of our products.

With the food safety system and HACCP, we ensure that the products we manufacture are safe, prove that the materials used are authorized and are used within the allowed quantity limits. We consider these guidelines of paramount importance. We operate a product recall system.

Keeping in mind the environmental, sustainability, competitiveness and quality aspects, we take into account the comments, opinions and suggestions of our employees and customers during technological production, developments and investments.

All our employees are responsible for carrying out their own tasks in such a way as to contribute to the company's efficiency meanwhile minimizing unwanted environmental impacts.

Our company is committed to taking into account and adhering to ethical requirements in the areas of manufacturing, employment, procurement and trading.

We provide our customers with on time delivery and scheduled service and with price policy needed to maintain long term cooperation.

In order to keep up with the changing needs, our company maintains continuous contact with all business partners and customers. We register, measure and process information about their satisfaction, complaints and needs on a regular basis. We use these results for further developments and improvements.

Our main goal is to ensure constant, good quality of goods expected by our domestic and foreign customers. In addition to cultivating existing relationships, we aim to create new market opportunities and successes on international as well as on domestic markets. Our target is to ensure that each of the interested parties (owners, wholesalers, retailers, and end-user customers) is satisfied, both with the quality of the product and the services related therewith.

In connection with all this, we continuously develop and modernize our company's assets, ensure their responsible use and regularly train our employees.

The commitment and examplary conuct of the management of KISTELEKI M+M CHEESE MANUFACTURING LTD. is only feasible through maintaining and continuously improving the high quality of the products. The Management expects the same attitude from our staff as well. We strive to achieve that quality-focused approach and sense of responsibility become a daily practice at all levels of the company.

Quality + Reliability = M + M Cheese Factory Kistelek

Kistelek, 2021.10.12.

József Magyar jr.

Chief Executive Officer